Technology at your fingertips
Melanie Veizaga y Adia Milien (Language: Spanish)

Are you taking advantage of the technology you have in your hands? Create content using your phone and computer for social media. This includes creating your website, editing video, creating flyers and more. You can do all this with free applications.

Making “New Things” in the church
Lorenzo Lebrija (Language: English)
In this workshop, Lorenzo will share some of the experiments undertaken by TryTank, the experimental lab for church growth and innovation. He’ll also briefly explain the 3-step process used by TryTank for church innovation so that you too can make “new things” in the church.

How to YouTube Evangelize: Seek and You Shall Find
Christian Anderson (Language: English)

YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. The modern day seeker is more likely to search on YouTube for information about prayer and spirituality than asking a pastor or a church friend. How can you or your church be there for them with an effective YouTube channel? Christian will lead you through the basic questions to start the journey.

How to live-stream events and the best techniques, using Zoom, Facebook, separated and together
Edgar Giraldo (Language: Spanish)

As Christians, it is our duty to share our faith, and technology provides us with ideal platforms to do so. In this workshop we will show a set of tools that will allow your church to reach a large number of people who need to know the Gospel of the Lord.