The Rev. Samuel Borbon
On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Office of the Latino/Hispanic Ministry, this plenary will offer a historical account of what the ministry has been in the United States. In addition, we will analyze the paradigms that this ministry entails, and we will analyze the different opportunities that are presented to us in the near future.

Love is Key: Ministry to the LGBTQI Community
Rev. Antonis Calvo and Isabel Lynn
Raise awareness to recognize, welcome, generate and accompany processes of practical inclusion in our Congregations, Dioceses and Provinces.

People from the LGBTQI community are part of our communities today. In this workshop we will share the experience of two leaders of the IX Province. The Rev. Anthonys J de Calvo will share with us his experience in the ministry in the Diocese of Colombia. We will also learn about the personal experience and testimony of Isabel Lynn, from the Diocese of Puerto Rico.

Vision & Planning
Donald V. Romanik
Most know the importance of visioning and planning, but few do it well. At this workshop for vestries, clergy, and key lay leaders, ECF's President, Donald Romanik, will share some key insight and practical tips for approaching your next strategic process to be successful.

Civic Participation and Faith
Lindsey Warburton
The pandemic of recent months has caused divisions on how to respond not only to this crisis but also to structural inequalities, and we understand that this situation can make you feel fed up or helpless. What can be done about it? More than ever we are called as followers of Jesus Christ to love our neighbor and be in solidarity in our daily lives. This workshop will discuss the work of the Episcopal Office of Government Relations, the importance of participating in political advocacy as a person of faith and of the Episcopal Church and what can be done in this political environment, sharing resources for participation. civic of the Church.

The Essentials of Neighborhood Engagement
The Rev. Chantal Morales McKinney, D.Min.

This workshop will cover the basics of how and why we need to immerse ourselves in our neighborhood as we create relevant and impactful churches and ministries. How do you door knock or canvass with a spirit of mutuality? What does a good one-on-one session look like? How did Jesus teach his disciples to engage the community around them?